Animal Art Page 2
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All sizes are approximate & all prices are subject to change
Item A-8: Turtle
Size: 32" X 24"
Price: $59.00
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Item A-10A: Elk Scene
Size: 40" X 13"
Price: $50.00
Item A-10C: Pine Trees w/ Wildlife
Price: $60.00
Item A-11: Cats on a Ring
Price: $39.00
Item A-11A: Kitty Cat
Size: 22" X 11"
Price: $35.00
Item BF-1: Large Running Buffalo
Size: 72" X 18"
Price: $225.00
Item BF-4: Buffalo w/ Arrow
Size: 20" X 12"
Price: $35.00
Item A-12: Owl
Size: 19" X 12"
Price: $35.00
Item A-13: Road Runner
Size: 14" X 12"
Price: $30.00