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High quality and reasonable prices are the foundation of Ray Rizzo Metal Art. This
family owned and operated business, crafts every item by hand from start to finish so
that each piece is unique. All of our pieces are suitable for either indoor or outdoor
Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I place an order?
Simply find the items you wish to order by browsing the gallerys to the left and then
call or email us with the item numbers and descriptions of the pieces you wish to
purchase. Once you get in contact with us we will discuss what colors or finishes you
wish to have your pieces done in.

2) Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept visa, mastercard, and discover. You may also pay by check if you

3) Why can't I order online?
We don't offer an online shopping cart because we have to be able to discuss what
colors you want your pieces done in. We make items in hundreds of different colors
and we can attempt to match colors if you can provide us with a sample.

4) What is your work made of?
All of our pieces are made of medium gauge steel. The painted pieces receive a coat
of  indoor/outdoor primer followed by a base coat of indoor/outdoor paint. They then
receive their decorative paint work followed by a coat of acrylic or enamel sealer.  
The pieces with a chemical finish also receive this coat of sealer.

5) Is your work really hand made?
Yes. From cutting to welding and painting all work is done by hand. No computers or
automated systems are involved in any step of the process. Because of this we are not
limited to the templates stored on a hard drive. If you would like one of our pieces in a
different size or with a few changes we can accommodate your needs. In addition, if
you would like something you don't see here we do custom work on a regular basis.
From signs to fireplace covers we have done custom designs for dozens of people.

6) Why do some of your pieces look like they overlap?
It's hard to tell from some of the pictures but many of our pieces are dimensional rather
than simply flat. For example, our running horses (shown above), consist of  three
horses in the background and two horses several inches in front of them to give a
sense of depth to the piece.

7)  How do I hang your work?
Every piece comes with either screw holes or a welded hook (large or heavy  items
will have heavy duty hooks). Screw holes are only used on pieces that are designed to
be hung at multiple angles like our large geckos.

8) Where is your store?
We don't have a store. We work out of our home in Tucson and sell our work at arts
and crafts shows around Arizona. If you would like to know where we will be our
show schedule is to the left.

9) What is a rainbow finish?
This is one of the finishes we offer, along with a painted finish. The rainbow finish is the
result of the interaction of several chemicals on the steel. Examples of the rainbow and
painted finishes are shown at the top of the page (click on thumbnails for a larger
Our Show Schedule
for 2016
Shows with a (*) are tentative

Jan 16 & 17
Casa Grande  Main Street Fair
Old Town Casa Grande

Mar 12 & 13
Target Center
Oracle & 1st Ave
Oro Valley
All items are made by hand
in the USA.
All images,descriptions, and art are the property of Ray Rizzo Metal Art. In other words don't steal our work
Ray Rizzo Metal Art
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